Pet Tales


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Congratulations on winning Best of the Beach again! I tell everyone in the neighborhood how awesome you are and that our dogs get wonderful care every time they stay with you.

Diane C, Myrtle Beach

Pet Tales

Let’s Talk Turkey

Can you give turkey to your dog? Yes, dogs can eat turkey, but you need to be careful. Be sure to remove all pieces of bone. Turkey bones splinter and can cause blockage or perforation of the intestine. OW! Also, be careful about feeding your dog turkey skin. A little goes a long way. Too much can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Not for you or your dog.

Watch for counter-surfing critters.Let your friends and family know not to feed your pets from the table. Dump the trash.

We wish you and yours a healthy, safe, and very Happy Thanksgiving.

Best of The Beach, Again!

Tamroc wins Best of the Beach for boarding kennels in the Grand Strand area! Thank you to all of our loyal customers and their fabulous furry family members for your support. We LOVE taking care of our guests ~ your dogs and cats while you’re away from home or visiting Myrtle Beach.

Remember to book early to reserve your Home Away From Home for your pets during the upcoming holiday season. Let us know their special needs, and we’ll take care of everything.

Reserve Now for the Holidays!

Reserve Now for the Holidays!

We know! How can it possibly be November already?

Are you planning to travel for the holidays? Tamroc Kennels fills up fast this time of year, and we want to be sure that your furry family members have room at the Inn. Please let us know right away if you’d like to board your pets with us in December.

If you’re worried about your dog or cat for an extended time, let us know. We have lots of great tips for easing the separation – for both of you!